Aquatria and its entire team are honoured by the outcome of the official inauguration which took place on Thursday, June 13. Over 200 people attended the memorable event that brought together the investors and their families, residents, staff, municipal politicians and members of the clergy, as well as contractors and suppliers who worked tirelessly to make the residence a reality.

The inaugural ribbon-cutting ceremony gave way to a great deal of emotion and satisfaction, marking the completion of this grandiose project. The construction project for this 4-storey oasis, comprising 66,000 sq. ft., was realized over a period of 24 months, making it a major accomplishment in the municipality of Casselman.

Founded by members of the community, Aquatria is a warm and luxurious private residence that combines independent style living with all the benefits of community life.

Credits: Photographer: Lexine Photographie; Videographer : Arbsedit