Live as you would at home with
all the benefits of community life!

Founded by members of the community, Aquatria is a warm and luxurious private residence that combines independent style living with all the benefits of community life.

This calm and relaxed oasis is located in the village of Casselman only steps away from the Nation River, in a residential area close to all services and amenities.

Aquatria offers its residents a wide range of services and diverse social activities while fostering a positive, comfortable and completely safe experience.

The residence boasts the most highly advanced equipment available, such as its keyless entry system, wireless Internet connection throughout the complex and computer room.

Our devoted and professional staff will ensure that your stay at Aquatria is enjoyable. The chef is looking forward to whetting your appetite with gourmet meals that are balanced and nutritious.

Also, rest assured that the nursing staff and attendants will meet your health care needs, tailored to your expectations.

Come and discover life at Aquatria for yourself!
Its enchanting site, entertaining atmosphere and architecture are sure to amaze you.

Aquatria, a community for active people!


We aim to become the residence that brings together the people of Prescott-Russell by offering them a superior quality service and the experience of community life, in dignity and comfort.


To become a prestigious residence for active people so that they may live as they would at home with all the benefits of community life.


Humility: we value frail residents by being modest 

Compassion: we sympathize with residents by perceiving and understanding their realities 

Dignity: we allow residents to make choices about their care and the way they wish to live

Respect: we respect residents while taking their needs into account

Pride: we convey a sense of belonging to residents

Tradition: we share the common traditions of one and all with respect

Community: we build stable and structured relationships with residents based on common interests

Dedication: we invest fully in our residents’ well-being

Vitality: we exude enthusiasm and vibrant energy with our residents

Excellence: we wish to attain a degree of perfection that is consistent with our residents’ expectations

Security: we create a secure environment as well as a state of trust and tranquility for our residents.

Aquatria’s history

When a group of eleven local investors had a vision, they joined forces to build a pleasant, luxurious and reputable residence. In pursuit of a common objective – to offer the community a lovely, high-quality place to live – the investors attach great importance to the quality of the food, the residents’ security and the organization of numerous interesting activities.

Development of this large-scale, earthquake-proof building, project started in 2017, with groundbreaking for the construction of the first phase taking place in September of the same year. In order to support the local economy, the investors have given priority to area contractors, businesses and products for the building of the residence.

The first phase of the residence comprises a total of 80 units, ranging between studio style and 1-bedroom suites with a surface area between 176 sq. ft. and 636 sq. ft., the majority having a private balcony. Aquatria also boasts several common areas, including a sitting room, bar, games room, exercise room, a common and a private dining room, projection room, library, chapel, computer room, the Bistro service and much more. The Aquatria residence opened its doors in December 2018.

An expansion plan for the residence includes a second phase comprising 50 units.  

Meaning of the name “Aquatria”

Aqua: conjures the waterfront, peace, relaxation and holidays.

Atria: plural form of the Latin word atrium, which in ancient Rome was the central, accessible gathering room of a house, illuminated by a square opening.

Tri: subtly evokes the senior stage of life, the residence’s target audience.

Meaning of the graphic elements

Font used: both elegant and modern, just like the building’s architecture.

Square shape: structured and organized service; square shape of the façade’s architecture.

Stroke within the square shape: a hyphen that symbolizes returning to one’s roots and a gathering place for old friends, and fosters the sharing of news. It acts as a bridge between future residents’ previous life and their new one.