When I came to Aquatria, I had just come out of the hospital and could barely walk. I had to start using a walker, I could no longer shop for groceries or prepare my own meals. But these personal setbacks were actually a blessing in disguise. Living at Aquatria has helped me make lots of new friends, my walking has improved and I now participate in many of the activities and outings. The meals here are delicious, the personnel are caring, and I have the most beautiful apartment to retire to whenever I like. It’s an ideal place for me.

Mrs. B.

May 1st, 2019 spelled relief for us when our parents, aged 84 and 92 years, moved to Aquatria. Finally, after 66 years of marriage, our parents would no longer have to go grocery shopping, plan and prepare meals, do the dishes, housecleaning, laundry, outdoor maintenance, and so on. Our father’s frail health limited his physical activities such that he could no longer assume the ongoing property maintenance and repairs.

There is no doubt the healthy and safe environment at Aquatria contributed to their rejuvenation.

Delicious meals among friends, daily activities, on-site 24h health care, on-site hairdresser, on-site cinema, Para Transpo at the door, on-site masses, on-site library… YES, this residence has it all!!!

Our mother no longer complains of chronic pain since she started attending an exercise class every morning. She no longer has the stress of household chores and the responsibilities they entail.

Finally, they now let themselves be pampered by the exceptional and caring team set up by Rose Cohen, Manager and Director of Care, who are responsible for ensuring the residents’ well-being. Rose doesn’t hesitate to say that Aquatria and its residents are one big family. And we can attest to this, as we see it and feel it every time we visit.

Thank you all for taking such good care of our parents.

Denise Potvin

Our mother, Rita Thériault, moved to Aquatria in July 2019. From day one, you all welcomed her with love and generosity of spirit. You have provided the care she so needed. In no time, she had found her place, and happiness, at Aquatria.

Since her move, our mother delights in giving tours to everyone that visits her. And as you know, she has many visitors among her 9 children, 11 grand-children and 12 great-grand-children. She loves all of your activities, even as a spectator.

Her bedroom affords her the privacy she wants while the various rooms, like the Brouhaha, Bistro, dining room, cinema, exercise room and library filled with all manner of books fulfill her in ways that her previous home could not. She is especially grateful to have a room like the chapel where she can pray and reflect in peace.

We are delighted and relieved to see that our mother is safe and so well fed; she simply loves Chef Yves’ dishes. I want to emphasize that almost all of the medical care she needs is now close at hand, either at the residence or very close thereto, such as her family physician, hearing clinic, optometrist, etc.

Having recovered quickly from her surgery, she can now enjoy the attention and affection of the friends she has made and who accompany her in this stage of her life.

Rose, the family is very grateful for the care and attention bestowed upon our mother by the entire Aquatria staff.

The Thériault family